О нас
Разработка сайта с уникальным дизайном от визитки до интернет магазина.
Посадочная страница товара или услуги
Комфортная площадка для покупок и продаж
Сайт с индивидуальным дизайном
Широкая узнаваемость бренда
A picture is worth a thousand words. Capture, annotate and share a screenshot - all without cluttering up your desktop.
Адаптивный дизайн
Record as an animated GIF or movie with audio. Perfect for customer support or showing your interactive prototypes.
Поддержка и администрирование
Works with all your favorite apps - design tools like Adobe CC & Sketch, chat tools like Slack, Skype, & HipChat, and many more.
Увеличение продаж и репутации компании
Record as an animated GIF or movie with audio. Perfect for customer support or showing your interactive prototypes.
Этапы работ
  • Анализ конкурентов
  • Написание и согласование технического задания
  • Разработка структуры и прототипа сайта
  • Разработка уникального дизайна и концепции
  • Адаптивная вёрстка
  • Настройка форм взаимодействия и обратной связи, подключение сервисов
  • Размещение сайта на хостинге на год
  • Сопровождение в течение 2-х недель после запуска
  • Настройка Tilda-CRM в подарок!
Примеры работ
We talk about teamwork, cover showcases, and write articles about useful design tools
The Team teachable
The Team teachable
Graphic experimentation as a process of visual communication and problem-solving.
LARQ style guide
An identity for LARQ cosmetics. Case studies and a brand book. May 2021.
A team and a cup of tea
On September 6th at 11 AM we will run a meeting with the team. Soriel Garden, West stage.
Tech interactions in design
Some real-life cases that helped us to make the process 10 times more skillful.
Rаsmus Wiergolf
An interview with a head of design development in Manila about his artistic vision of the industry.
The Process branding
Ad campaign, music video, and style guide for a men's cosmetics and accessories brand.
Visual identity for The Capsules
Our case of visual identity for The Capsules is published in the magazine featuring the interview with David Wazowski.
Interview with Amanda Wispen
Amanda is an owner and a chief in Diner Deli. We are talking about the beginning of her business and ideas for the future.
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